Test of Sustained Selective Attention (TOSSA)


One of the best attention tests on the market. Not only very sensitive to attention disorders, but it can also detect underperformance or reduced effort!

The Test of Sustained Selective Attention (TOSSA) arose from the need for a short and sensitive attention test. It is an 8-minute auditory continuous performance computer test with a variable ISI. This dynamic adds extra power to his sensitivity.

The TOSSA has been reviewed as fair to good by the COTAN (Dutch committee on tests) and is one of the best standardized neuropsychological tests available at the moment.

UPDATE 11-03-2024:

VERSION 4.2, improved: (newest version: 4.2)

1. New menu at start-up: easily create a new patient

2. Overview within the menu of all test administrations and patients

3. Reports generated in RTF format with graphs and text can be entered into a report according to your own wishes (including your own logo).

4. Patient data storage very easy to set up in any folder on your computer

5. Screen resolution is preserved and unaltered

6. Beeps are much better audible and remain stable (no interference of background processes of computer)

7. The counting of premature and commission errors in the report has been corrected

Positive points of the TOSSA

  1. most sensitive attention test at the moment and well on its way to becoming a *gold standard* for attention disorders!
  2. underperformance or reduced effort is also detected!
  3. short but powerful enough to detect attention deficits very reliably without overdiagnosis (also in ADHD)
  4. easy to install and administer
  5. very stable as a test, on a stand-alone computer
  6. can be used for visually impaired and blind people
  7. interpretation since version 3.0 has been greatly simplified because multiple profiles are calculated (e.g. mental slowness, fatigue, conditional impulsivity)

(see under Downloads for the free TOSSA Manual and read it yourself)

Price: 175 euros excl. VAT every year (maximum 2 computers or 2 users); one-off 10% discount when purchasing 3 or more licenses.

How TOSSA results are reported

Below are several pictures of how the results of the TOSSA are shown in a PDF report.


Figure 1: TOSSA results in which the most important variable (Focus) is the blue line and the Commission error score is the red line.


Figure 2: TOSSA results compared to the 5 norm groups. The X-axis shows the different scores of which DS and CS are the most important ones (representing attentional focus).


Figure 3: The TOSSA results as reported in text. In the manual the different points of interest to interpret the results are clearly explained.

More information 

For more information, see the detailed description and comparison with other attention tests on THIS SITE


Download the TOSSA Manual HERE!

Download the TOSSA standalone version  HERE!


It is advisable to first test the TOSSA via the DEMO. The DEMO is fully functional but only for a few days. That gives you the opportunity to test the TOSSA. If this goes well, the TOSSA demo version can easily be transferred to a 1-year license test after payment has been received. The DEMO is always free of use.

In addition, you always have a 14-day cooling-off period after purchase and payment. If you are not satisfied with the TOSSA for any reason, you may submit a cancellation request via the Contact form within 14 days after payment. You will then be reimbursed for the full amount we have received within 10 days.