English neuropsychological  tests

Several tests are offered here: the two attention tests TOSSA and TODA and the executive function test TLT. Click on the Navigation bar in the left column where the tests are listed for more information. Below is more general information about downloading and installing the tests.



  1. Choose the correct version to download: either the stand-alone version or the network version. 
  2. Before installing, read the installation instructions and follow them step-by-step during installation. No warranty is given if you have NOT followed the installation instructions properly.

With the help of the installation manual, installation on a stand-alone digital computer is a piece of cake. Especially if you have a direct internet connection.

The installation manual for all Pyramid Productions tests can be DOWNLOADED HERE !

You will be automatically warned (45 days) before the test license expires so that you can apply for and pay for a license renewal on time. Unfortunately, this only works if you have a constant internet connection.


Fill in all required information under Order Form at the top right so that an invoice can be sent as quickly as possible. If you want the tests to be temporarily extended before payment is completed, you can indicate this under Wishes on the form.