Tower of london test (Tlt)

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The Tower of London Test (TLT) is the executive function (computer) test of the moment. The regulatory aspects of executive functioning in particular are clearly visible in this test.

The TLT has been reviewed reasonably well by the COTAN: fairly well normed both in healthy people and especially in many neurological patients.

Update 17-11-2019:

VERSION 4.0.2: improved: (latest VERSION is 4.0.2)

1. New menu at start-up: easily create a new patient

2. Overview within the menu of all collections and patients

3. Reports generated in RTF- format with graphs and text in the report according to your own wishes (including your own logo).

4. Patient data storage very easy to set up in any folder

5. Screen resolution is preserved

Positive characteristics of the TLT

  1. best standardized planning and executive function test in neurological patients
  2. easy to install and, above all, easy to remove
  3. only 10 minutes for 'average' patients
  4. still one of the best executive tests of the moment
  5. New: under-performance/reduced effort is now also measured by the TLT!

(see under Downloads for the free TLT Manual and read it yourself)

Price: 175 euros excl. VAT every year (maximum 2 computers or 2 users); one-time 10% discount when purchasing 3 or more licenses.

How the results of the tlt are reported

Below are several pictures of how the results of the TLT are shown in a PDF report.


Figure 1: How the stimulus screen looks like. The figure below must be altered and look exactly like the top figure. The blocks are moved by a mouse click or, on a touchscreen, by touching them.


Figure 2: The results of the TLT in a graph. The blue line is the total score for each of the 16 items. The red line indicates the Decision Time, the time that elapses before a block is moved.


Figure 3: The 4 TLT scores compared to the 5 norm groups. The TLTscore is the most important variable.


Figure 4: The results are printed in the report with the manual explaining how the scores should be interpreted.

More information

For more information, see the detailed description and comparison with other executive function tests in the manual. The manual can be downloaded for free below.


Download the TLT-Manual HIER !

Download the TLT standalone version HIER !


It is highly recommended to first install the DEMO. The test is then fully functional for a few days. The DEMO is always free of use.

In addition, you always have a 14-day cooling-off period after purchase and payment. If you are not satisfied with the TLT for any reason, you may submit a request for cancellation via the Contact Form within 14 days after payment. You will then be reimbursed for the amount we have received within 10 days.